Advanced soil moisture station.

Easy to install advanced soil moisture station with a mobile app and access to our web application.
The station provides you with extensive information about the soil moisture situation for optimal irrigation management.
This way you know exactly when, where and how much you need to irrigate.

Most accurate and reliable weather data measurement

An advanced weather station that very accurately measures the weather data at a location in your field.
The weather data is sent via 3G/4G to your own account.

From field to sowing and harvest. Insight into this data leads to better decisions.

Our Products are conventional, organic, nature-inclusive, specialization in crops and cultivation systems, little mechanization or high-tech.

4. Automatic Weather Station Pro

Accurate and reliable Weather Data measurement.

The automatic weather station measures the following every hour:
• Temperature
• Precipitation
• Relative Humidity
• Solar Radiation
• Wind Speed
• Wind Direction

The data is sent to your online account via 2G/3G or 4G.


• Software Alongside the Hardware, our Dutch partners Dacom Farm Intelligence (CropX), provide the following software solutions:

1. Crop Recording

Record activities on your field quickly and smartly.

2. Cloudfarm

Link precision farming to crop recording

3. Disease Management

Advice on the use of plant protection products.

4. Irrigation Management

Know exactly when, where and how much irrigation is required.

5. Weather Forecast

Reliable weather forecast by region.

6. Weather Data

Historical and current weather data from your own or a Dacom weather station